Gold Coast Holistic Counselling Clinic

We offer a Holistic Counselling Service.

Body: Oriental Therapies & Massage


Mind: Neuropsychological Immunity Counselling, Guided Mediation

Soul: Neuro Linguistic Programming


Spirit: Holistic & Psychic energy reading, live aura reading and image capture, EEG Brainwave Tracking.

Are you experiencing anxiety, confused about what comes next? I offer supportive and intuitive psychology sessions as a Holistic Counselor.


Gertrude Irish has been working professionally as a holistic healer since 2006, has a doctorate in metaphysics, qualifications in teaching and is about to graduate in a Diploma of Holistic Counselling.  Her theorem of self-reliance and effective communication form the foundations of her treatments and counselling principles. Your sessions will be tailored to suit you.
































Stonehenge Australia Massage Kits Training Academy is a Satellite Training Facility with the TSL Group. We now have Official Training Centres in Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland.


Our charter is to offer practical learning options for Qualified Practitioners who believe knowledge is the gateway to the future. The Wellness, Massage and Beauty Industry offers rewarding careers. We aim to further develop your skills and education. Developing strategies for career longevity. We demand a high standard from our Diploma Graduates. Expecting they will meet the benchmark we have set.


Training is tailored to the individual. Your intensive 1 Day In-House Training is a personal one on one training session with a Qualified Facilitator and Practitioner. Price on application. 

We offer International Certificates of Completion in the following modalities via our online platform.

International Bamboo Massage Practitioner 

International Hot Stone Massage Practitioner 

International Holistic Massage Course 


Shiatsu Course