Electroceutical fabric has been used in medicine for the treatment of wounds. Recently it was discovered that these fabrics can kill the coronavirus.


We do not make a mask until we have an order. The mask will be made to fit. We will need the width between both ears and the distance between your nose and chin.

Within the mask, as added protection, we include a PM2.5 filter. These are all washable and reusable.

Please note we make no claim that this kills the virus. This will act like any normal mask if for some reason the science is wrong.

Note that these are hand made and are not the slick professional masks currently for sale. This is a new product and we are still in the developmental stages and our aim is to keep the design as simple as possible.

The fabric is easily cleaned. Either with a tea tree solution or it can be washed in a light short cycle.


Electroceutical Face Mask