A fun and interactive workshop that focuses on the use of traditional tools such as bamboo canes and bian stone in the practice of massage.

About this Event

In this hands on workshop, you will be using traditional tools, bamboo canes (known as needles), bamboo cupping jars, bian stone and green jade crystal massage tools. You will learn how to use them and adapt them to your own personal treatments and style of massage and body therapies. It takes pressure from the various problems we face with regards to how conventional massage is hard on our bodies. We lose many fantastic practitioners every day due to overuse and injury.

This is a great asset to have in your clinic, spa or private practice. The feeling and sensation as well as the therapeutic benefits for your clients. As well as giving a very soothing and enjoyable treatment. We will also cover the versatility, the function and how to improve your services to your clients, as well as self massage techniques. A fun and interactive workshop where you can adapt this amazing modality to dovetail into your current treatment protocols.  TICKETS AVAILABLE: Click Here

Introduction to Bamboo and Hot Stone Massage - Sydney by Australian Traditional