We have used 16 pieces of high quality hexagonal jade stone. The use of jade to unload the far-infrared rays and trace elements. 


Jade is a natural treasure of the world, which has been buried for thousands of millions of years, contains more than 30 kinds of beneficial microelements for the human body: as Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mg, Co, Se, Cr, Ti, Li, ok, K , On, etc.


The use of jade, to discharge micronutrients and far-infrared rays, in micronutrients will be penetrated into the deep skin of the body by far-infrared rays, it can effectively cell nutritional supplement, increase the power and activity of cells, get rid of toxin cells.


Microcirculation is a swap of places that the body s cells consume nutrients and oxygen, discharge metabolites, most diseases and body aches are caused by a deficiency in microcirculation results.


Use a stone jade for body massage will dilate blood vessels, speed blood circulation and improve microcirculation and works well with channels and protections that help lowering blood pressure and blood fat to reduce inflammation and soreness and maintain healthy.


Jade for physiotherapy can help the signs of unhealthy wind, cold, moisture and heat, relieve headache pain, joint pain, numbness from the limb and other symptoms that caused from bad cervix, poor lumbar spine, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Heating therapy physical therapy is one of a long history, to keep you healthy.

Green Jade Infrared Anti Wrinkle Mask