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The mission is to create an ethical standard of practice to Bamboo Therapy.


As Bamboo massage therapy sweeps the globe in popularity, we are an organization for the benefit of Massage and Beauty Practitioners Internationally. The scope of Bamboo massage therapy is diverse. All forms of massage modality are now embracing this Ancient Therapy. The IBTA is a portal where Practitioners can share experience and knowledge. Interact with other practitioners. List their business and train with approved IBTA Facilitators and Training Academies.


The IBTA is the only official group that recognizes and authorizes professional training, kits and practices. We are guided by international ethics standards and our charter is to provide our clients a professional treatment. The founder of IBTA is Deborah Lang from Stonehenge Australia Massage Kits. Deborah has over 25 years experience in Bamboo Massage, is a Qualified Facilitator with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Qualified Practitioner.


There is no fee to join IBTA. The IBTA will be using Facebook as the media for social interaction. To register yourself and your business as approved IBTA Practitioners send your details to Deborah Lang - or through Facebook messaging.

For information on the requirements to become an IBTA Member please email for the details.


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