Bamboo Massage Kits




 Our bamboo is 100% grown in beautiful Bryon Bay where  has a sub-tropical climate, a rich-farming history and is the ideal location to grow bamboo suitable for bamboo massage. Your kit will be unique, 100%  hand-crafted and organic. We do not bleach our bamboo, or substitute it with rattan, so your are assured of quality. When you purchase one of our kits your are supporting the local industry and Australian economy. We are located on the Gold Coast and are offering an introductory Bamboo Massage.


Please Note: The Bamboo shown in our photo's is a likeness to the quality Bamboo you will receive. Each cane is different and your kit will vary from this. The cane is not lacquered. It is genuine natural bamboo in its natural state. The husk of the bamboo contains therapeutic properties. It is essential that you massage and utilize these properties. Your canes will have 'imperfections', knots and markings, this is what makes your kit unique. This type of kit is used by genuine and traditional healers.