Organic Bamboo Kit

Locally grown bamboos

We are moving to brand new premises and expanding our workshop. We are still taking orders however we have a three-week turn-around. So please be patient. 
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Cold & Hot Stones

Upgrade your clients' experience




We are truly Australia's premier Massage Kit supplier, with the most affordable, professional and practical kits available today. Please look at our new range of Basalt, Blue Pearl Granite, White Marble and Green Jade Massage Stones, as well as our Jade massage tools and wands, and Bamboo massage Kits. 


We offer quality massage kits, in fact we give a 1 year warranty for defects. You and your staff will have access to unlimited after sales support by friendly, qualified professionals who will give you honest and practical advice. 


We grow our own bamboo here in Australia. It's fresh and of the highest quality, we hand craft all our bamboo canes. This means our clients get the highest quality of canes without paying the highest price.  All of our kits are treated organically, are easy to clean and are hygienic.

Our canes are crafted to follow the natural curve of the bamboo. We retain it's natural look and feel. Each one has it's own natural artwork. And is completely unique.